Publications in the field of world and global history have increased enormously in the last two years. This has to do with the fact that the field in not only ‘on vogue’ but has professionalized so that today not only experienced and senior scholars at the end of their careers summarize the topics they had studies to larger overviews, but that historian in all stages of an academic career pursue methodologically reflected investigations of problems from the large field of global history. This leads to an increase not only of brilliant works of synthesis but also to a remarkable number of PhD-thesis and special monographs as well as of collective volumes as outcome of workshops where experts on different regions/ spaces of the world have put their forces together to find answers to major problems in the interpretation of global processes.

This is at the same time accompanied by a growing body of literature discussing theories, methods and traditions of world history writing - making the field more self-reflexive.

One of the effects of that professionalization is that specialists (there are even now chairs for world or global history) are familiar with the main literature in the field. They use e-journals, they go to conferences and teach their students about recent developments in the field. The journals, and handbooks we list below are thus only meant as portals into the wide and exciting field of articles and books on the world’s global past. 



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Max Mustermann

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