Reading the Global Knowledge Economy as Dominant Capitalist Global Economic Order Maintained through Network-like Spatial Formats and Hegemonial Power Relations

Marian Brainoo, Markus Sattler & Thilo Lang (all SFB 1199 & IfL Leipzig)

The weekly colloquium of the Collaborative Research Centre provides a forum for presentations by external guests as well as by members of the SFB 1199 within a tailored thematic framework. The format helps to create a common ground for discussion between guests, the Collaborative Research Centre, as well as the wider academic public. The complete program can be found here.

The main objective of the sub-project A02 is to analyse the relevance and impact of discursively produced spatial orders through the hegemonic idea of a global knowledge economy. This colloquium aims to discuss their relevance for core-periphery-relations and impact on innovation activities and the development of transnational technology enterprises in ‘peripheral’ locations, i.e. outside the bigger urban agglomerations in the South Caucasus and Sub-Sahara Africa. Finally, we aim to present some forms of organic coupling through examples from domestic firms active in international markets producing an alternative reading of capitalist dominance.

The event will take place online. To participate please click the Zoom button below.