Digital Technologies and the Future of Health: Aspirations, Care and Data

Marian Burchardt (SFB 1199 & Leipzig U), René Umlauf (SFB 1199), Claudia Lang (Leipzig U) & Caroline Meier zu Biesen (Leipzig Lab Global Health)

Accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, digital healthcare innovations such as telemedicine, virtual care, smart wearables, digital contact tracking or drone logistics promise to transform global health. Multiple debates center on digital health technologies and their potential effects on the lives and governance of those they aim to affect. Drawing on perspectives from medical anthropology, sociology and science and technology studies, in this international workshop we explore these efforts, including their consequences for space-making and the nexus of space, bodies and health. The workshop is organized by Marian Burchardt and René Umlauf together with Claudia Lang and Caroline Meier zu Biesen. You can find the complete programme here.