Handbook on the French Globalization Project

Mattthias Middell (Leipzig University)


This three-day author workshop at the SFB 1199 will bring together 18 contributors of the handbook on the French Globalization Project, edited by Matthias Middell (Leipzig University) to present and discuss their chapters. The workshop is intended to invite critical commentary and to stimulate contributions that go beyond what is known so far and reflect current research interest in the role of France in global history, in a global history à la Française, and in overcoming the traditional boundaries of metropolitan historiography.

A long history of interaction with other world regions has had a great impact on a historical self-understanding that has conceived of l’Hexagone as the center of a historical project (or a mission civilisatrice) that has long curbed or even prevented the acceptance of postcolonial approaches and a thorough self-critique of France as a colonial power. In recent years, the research situation both inside and outside of France has changed, in some cases quite dramatically. A new generation of French historians has become engaged with the debate on new approaches to global history. At the same time, a new trend has taken hold in Anglo-Saxon historiography, which, similar to Black British history, is also spurring a new French world history. The number of monographs and anthologies exploring the global entanglements of French history has grown rapidly in recent years. These insightful works are devoted to France’s imperial and multicultural past and increasingly include the non-European dimensions of French history.

The envisaged volume aims to connect directly to this more recent development and make it more visible. The volume also endeavors to offer a synthesis of the current state of research that brings together knowledge – even across disciplinary boundaries – that has not yet been, inspire theoretical debate, and give a new impetus to teaching at graduate and postgraduate training levels.

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Biographical Note

Matthias Middell (Leipzig University)

Matthias Middell is professor of cultural history and Director of the Global and European Studies Institute as well as spokesperson of the Collaborative Research Centre 1199 and the Leipzig Research Centre Global Dynamics. Since 1991 he serves as editor of Comparativ. Journal of Global History and since 2015 he sits on the board of the International Committee of Historical Sciences.