Surname, Name Field of Research Room Telephone E-mail
Head of Department
Esquinazi, Pablo D., Prof. Dr. Superconductivity, Magnetism 412 9732751
Scientific Co-Workers
Barzola-Quiquia, José Luis, Dr. Magnetotransport in superconductors and magnetic materials, multigraphene and graphite, magnetic oxides 515 9732765
Bern, Francis, M.Sc. Magnetic oxides, exchange bias effects
Böhlmann, Winfried, Dr. Dual beam microscope 118 9732613
Diziain, Séverine, Dr. Studies of defect induced magnetism and superconductivity using NV-magnetometry 411 9732538
Precker, Christian Eike, M.Sc. Superconductivity at Graphite Interfaces 501a 9732637
Semenenko, Bogdan, M.Sc. Superconductivity at Graphite Interfaces 501a 9732637
Stiller, Markus, M.Sc. Defect induced magnetism in oxides 515 9732765
Ziese, Michael, Prof. Dr. Magnetic Oxides, Oxide-Interfaces 410 9732752 / -741
Technical co-workers
Ehlers, Sandy Secretary 409 9732750
Setzer, Annette, Dipl.-Krist. SQUID, XRD 414 9732758
Master / Bachelor Students
Botsch, Lukas, B.Sc. Transport of ZnO Nanowires 417 9732756
Silva Cordeiro, Tiago R., B.Sc. Transport in Bilayers graphene 402a 9732637
Dietel, Stefan, B.Sc. Micronanostructures of diamonds for optical magnetometry applications 411 9732538
Jawla, Devesh, cand. B.Sc. MFM measurements of graphite 417 9732756