Oxford continuous flow cryostat
Temperature Range: 2-300 Kelvin
Fields up to 9 Tesla
Sample holders for various measurement options such as resistivity Hall effect, thermal conductivity, Nernst effect
SQUID magnetometer system from Quantum Design MPMS-7

Temperature range: 1.7-800K
Fields up to 7 Tesla
Sensitivity 1 ∙ 10-8 emu


  • Reciprocating Sample Option (RSO)
  • Sample Space Oven (Horizontal Sample Rotator)

AC Susceptometer, Lake Shore, Model 7000

Temperature Range: 4-325 Kelvin
Frequency Range: 10-1000 Hz
AC fields up to 1.8 Millitesla
DC fields up to 8 Tesla
Pulsed Laser Decomposition with Excimerlaser LPX300

PLD Chamber 1 (laser heater): only non-magnetic oxides
PLD chamber 2 (conventional heater): magnetic oxides
PLD chamber 3: Carbon
Closed circuit helium cryostat (Bell 1)

Temperature Range: 20-300 Kelvin
Transport Measurements
Option: UV Light Source
Closed circuit helium cryostat (Bell 2)

Temperature Range: 15-300 Kelvin
Fields up to 0.5 Tesla
Dual Beam Microscope - Nova NanoLab 200, FEI Company

Electron and focused ion beam and different gas injection systems
EDX detector
Lithography unit


  • SEM images
  • Deposition of metals (W, Pt, Pd)
  • Preparation TEM Lamellae
  • Writing pattern


Two X-ray-diffractometers
Philips X’Pert Pro
URD 63 (Seifert-FPM) High and low temperature
DSC 404 High-Temperature Differential Scanning Calorimeter
TG 439 Thermobalance (TGA-Thermogravimetric Analyzer)
Sample Preparation

Tube furnaces (1200 oC, 1600 oC)
Hydraulic press
Polishing machine
Planetary micro mill PULVERISETTE 7