Electrospun nanofibers of a copolymer consisting of polyvinylalcohol that has been crosslinked with an inorganic polymer containing phosphorus, oxygen and nitrogen only.
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• Call for Conference Grants
   Deadline extended:
   8 January 2018
• 4th EuSIP and 5th MC meeting will
   take place in Zagreb, Croatia,
   28 February-3 March 2018
• 4th SIPs Training School
    will take place in Almeria, Spain,
   6-9 November 2017
more... • 3rd SIPs Training School
    will take place in Porto, Portugal,
   8-12 September 2016
• 4th MC and WG meeting will
   take place in Porto, Portugal,
   15-16 September 2016
• 3rd EuSIP, Portugal
   12-14 September 2016
3rd WG meeting will
   take place in Cluj-Napoca, Romania
• 2nd EuSIP, Sweden
   24-26 September 2015
• 3rd MC and 2nd WG meeting will
   take place in Kassel, Germany,
   19-20 March 2015
1st EuSIP, Slovenia
   21-23 September 2014
• 2nd MC and 1st WG meeting will take    place in Sofia, Bulgaria,
   27-28 March 2014
1st call for STSMs
1st MC Meeting of the COST Action
   CM1302, Brussels, Belgium,
   24 October 2013

 Grant Holder: Uni Leipzig

COST 1302 in detail

The European Network on Smart Inorganic Polymers synergises the European activities in relevant areas in order to establish widely applicable rules for the rational design of smart inorganic polymers. The combination of leading scientists with common motivation but diverse expertise in concert with industrial partners will act as a nucleus for translational efforts towards the design and application of novel inorganic polymers. SIPs intensifies the European exchange of knowledge and technologies and provides a forum for recent developments and innovative aspects.
For further information please download the Memorandum of Understanding MoU and see the COST guidelines.

How to join

as a country?

as a Working Group member?

Submit your request for joining a Working Group of SIPs including the following information to the :

• research in one of the areas stated in the MoU of the COST Action and complementary to the expertise of the other research groups; should further strengthen the network
• a short summary (1/2 to 1 page) about the topic(s) and research to be contributed to the network
• at least two publications related to the proposed research (as pdf files)
• a CV including a list of publications as well as the link to the homepage

• the respective Working Group leader(s) will be contacted and his/her/their recommendation on the application will be requested
• based on this recommendation, the involvement in the Working Groups will be decided by the MC
• members are accepted only if their country has accepted the MoU (for COST countries) or if they have applied as non-COST participating institution
• according to the Management Committee decision on 20 March 2015, after the second year of the Action, acceptance of new Working Group members will be done exclusively on invitation and only for new members who would significantly strengthen the network

Publications 2014-2018

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Selected press releases of SIPs (CM1302)

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