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Semiconductor Physics Group
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Head: Prof. Dr. Marius Grundmann

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We start a new Research Unit on Copper Iodide

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"The Physics of Semiconductors" textbook exceeds 350,000 chapter downloads

"Best Poster Award" of 61. Electronics Material Conference (Ann Arbor, MI) for Max Kneiß

BuildMoNa Newsletter June 2019

Robert Karsthof's PRB paper on conductivity of NiO was selected as "Editor's Suggestion"

Chris Sturm's Optics Letters on optical activity was selected as "Editor's Pick"

Check our latest reviews:

R. Schmidt-Grund et al.
Coherent Polariton Modes and Lasing in ZnO Nano- and Microwires
Phys. Status Solidi B 256, 1800462 (2019) | doi

H. von Wenckstern
Group-III Sesquioxides: Growth, Physical Properties and Devices
Adv. Electr. Mat. 3, 1600350 (2017) | doi

M. Grundmann et al.
Optically Anisotropic Media: New Approaches to the Dielectric Function, Singular Axes, Raman Scattering Intensities and Microcavity Modes
phys. stat. sol. RRL 11, 1600295 (2017) | doi

M. Grundmann et al.
Oxide Bipolar Electronics: Materials, Devices and Circuits
J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 49, 213001 (2016) | doi

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