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The Network of World and Global History Organizations (NOGWHISTO) connects scholarly organizations devoted to the study of the global dimensions of the past, be it by researching humanity’s tradition at large or by reconstructing the entanglement of various scales of human action.

In each of the regional member organisation various approaches to transcending the national frameworks are employed. Overall our efforts in crossing and transcending borders – in historical research as well as in teaching – are directed against the hegemonic centering on nations and the nation-state in history in history writing (as in the humanities and social sciences in general) and the related political projects (without ignoring that inward-looking and protectionism are legitimate strategies in high-times of protectionism).

The field of world, global, transnational, big history’ is built upon shared interest in relations, comparison and connections, and aims at facilitating the intellectual transcending and contextualization of borders and at overcoming the dominance of national history. That includes the analysis of large-scale processes as much as micro-studies and brings together different historiographical tradition and approaches to past entanglements and global conditions.


NOGWHISTO was founded in 2008 and was accepted by the International Committee of Historical Sciences, the world association of historians, as affiliated international organisation.


The content on that website is in English, but parts are available also in French, German, Chinese and other languages.