The division of Superconductivity and Magnetism of the Faculty of Physics and Earth Sciences of the University of Leipzig is concerned with the preparation and the characterization of superconducting, magnetic and carbon-based materials and the study of special phenomena found in these materials. We investigate their transport and magnetic properties both in thin films as well as in single crystals.

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This video shows the levitation of a permanent magnetic ring on a high-temperature superconducting ceramic pellet submerged in liquid nitrogen. Due to flux-line pinning properties and the torque exerted by the gravitational force the ring starts to oscillate slowly at the beginning till it fully rotates.

Highlights of the last years:

  • Quantum Hall effect in bulk graphite
  • Defect-induced magnetic order in graphite
  • Intrinsic semiconducting properties of Bernal graphite
  • Macroscopic antiferromagnetic ordering between magnetic thin oxide layers
  • Superconductivity signals at graphite interfaces

Current topics are:

  • Exchange bias phenomena in magnetic oxides
  • Defect induced magnetic order in carbon-based materials and oxides
  • Ballistic transport and magnetotransport properties of multigraphene
  • Superconductivity at graphite interfaces

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