International Masters and Postgraduate Programme in Materials Science and Catalysis


Uni Delcev Uni Prishtine Uni Skopje Uni Babes Bolyai Uni Nis Uni Tetovo
Sponsored by : Stabilitaetspakt fuer Suedosteuropa


The exchange of visiting professors and lecturers between the partners
within the program contributes to the intensification of the research network.
The scientists become involved in the development of the project,
in meetings and discussions with colleagues from different departments to share experience and know-how in order to develop long term research projects and cooperations.

» Scholarships for students and graduates (short internships,
semester/research stays, Sur-Place)

Fellowships are provided for promoting a lively exchange of students and
scientists allowing them to develop or deepen skills, abilities and
competences in the field of chemistry, in particular materials science and
catalysis. Each year, master and PhD students from all involved universities
in SOE can conduct a research stay or study period (from one month to one semester) at a partner institution. During their stays they will be engaged in research (PhD students) or will be able to attend lectures, seminars, and
lab courses (masters). In order to follow the coursework, an
advanced knowledge of English is required. Additionally, the students can attend extensive foreign language courses available at the host institutions. After
return to their home university, the credit points obtained during the stay
abroad will be acknowledged by their home institutions.


Regional intensive courses/workshops for the students organized in the
SOE countries

One central focus of the project is the annually organised intensive course with lectures held by academic staff of all involved institutions. The teaching
of courses not only serves the joint training of students but also intensifies cooperation between the participating institutions. Since 2009, the courses are accompanied by poster sessions or oral presentations given by
students. >>> more

Scientific Modules
The major objective of these modules is the interdisciplinary knowledge
transfer in important fields of materials science, catalysis and spectroscopy
including corresponding methods. In total, 5 scientific modules will be offered as two-day courses (one per year, starting 2012). The events will be organised
in one of the SOE partner country. A total of 10 credit points>
(CP - 1 module corresponds to 2 CP) may be obtain. In addition to the academic staff of the partner institutions, the participation of international guest
lecturers in the courses is also intended. Two or three academic staff members
from SOE countries will be responsible for each module. >>> more