International Masters and Postgraduate Programme in Materials Science and Catalysis


Uni Delcev Uni Prishtine Uni Skopje Uni Babes Bolyai Uni Nis Uni Tetovo
Sponsored by : Stabilitaetspakt fuer Suedosteuropa

Group The project "International Masters and Postgraduate Programme in Materials Science and Catalysis" (MatCatNet) within the DAAD programme "Academic Reconstruction of South Eastern Europe" was established in March 2005 between the Faculty of Chemistry and Mineralogy of Universität Leipzig and two South Eastern European partners: the Institute of Chemistry of the "Ss. Cyril and Methodius" University Skopje, Macedonia, and the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, University "Babes-Bolyai" in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. In 2008, the State University of Tetovo (Macedonia) joined, and since 2011 three further institutions, the universities "Goce Delcev" in Štip (Macedonia), Niš (Serbia) and Prishtina (Kosovo) are integrated into the network. The main objective of the joint project is an internationalised and structurally improved training within the master and doctorate studies of the partner institutions in South Eastern Europe with a major focus on the fields of materials science, advanced synthetic processes and spectroscopic methods in homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, supported by modern theoretical methods. The exchange of guest professors and scientists, as well as of master and doctoral students between the partners is part of the programme and strengthens the scientific cooperation within the network.