Transport properties and atomic structure of ion-beam-deposited W, Pd and Pt nanostructures

Nanotechnology 20, 165704 (2009)

J Barzola-Quiquia, S Schulze and P Esquinazi


We investigate the atomic structure and transport properties as a function of temperature (T) and applied magnetic field (H) of ion-beam-induced deposition (IBID) of tungsten, palladium and platinum micrometer and nanometer sized thin films and wires. The samples show a non-metallic behavior due to the low metallic content. Electron diffraction at room temperature reveals that the samples are amorphous (W, Pt) and polycrystalline (Pd). The temperature and magnetic field dependence of the samples reveal a behavior similar to that found in disordered or granular conductors. The resistivity ρ decreases with Tfollowing a function of the type ρ(T) = abTα+cT−β (α,β≥0) and the magnetoresistance of all samples shows a scaling of the form [ρ(H,T)−ρ(0,T)]/ρ(0,T) = f(H/C(T)), with a temperature-and sample-dependent parameter C(T).