Upcoming events


March 4-6: DGfS Workshop Empirical consequences of universal claims in grammatical theorizing, organized by Martin Haspelmath

Jan 24: Humboldt University, Berlin. Susanne Maria Michaelis: French-based creoles in a typological perspective


Nov 23-24: Universität Bremen, NWLK. Susanne Maria Michaelis: Functional adaptedness in creole languages

Past events

Oct 28: University of Seychelles. Susanne Maria Michaelis: African traces in Seychelles Creole

Oct 3-5: The many facets of Agreement, Zürich (Schweiz). Ilja A. Seržant: Generalized partitives in the A/S slot

Oct 7-8: Workshop on cross-linguistic semantics of reciprocals, Utrecht (Niederlande). Martin Haspelmath: Reflexive and reciprocal constructions: Comparisons and explanations without true analysis

Oct 16-21: Typology conference Moscow (TMP). Martin Haspelmath: Ergativity and depth of analysis

Sept 25-28: BICLE 2019, Bamberg. Natalia Levshina: English grammatical alternations and communicative efficiency:An information-theoretic approach based on Generalized Additive Models

Sept 9-12: Lake Como Summerschool: Language Universals and Language Diversity
in an Evolutionary Perspective. Martin Haspelmath: Some universals of grammar with particular reference to coding asymmetries

Sept 4-6: ALT 2019, Pavía (Italien):

Martin Haspelmath: “Anti marking” in the world’s languages and its functional-adaptive explanation

Susanne Maria Michaelis: Differential place marking in creole languages

Ilja A. Seržant: Evolutionary Typology of Bound Verbal Person-Number Indexes

Natalia Levshina: Towards a corpus-based semantic typology: A new perspective on ‘loose fit’ and ‘tight fit’ languages

Katarzyna Janic: The crosslinguistic investigation of grammatical coding asymmetry in the benefactive domain

August 26: SyntaxFest 2019 Paris. Natalia Levshina: Universal Dependencies in a galaxy far, far away… What makes Yoda’s English truly alien

August 21-24: Workshop on Reflexive Constructions at the SLE Annual Meeting, Leipzig

August 19-21: Symposium on Representations, Usage and Social Embedding in Language Change, Manchester, Ilja A. Seržant: Evolutionary typology of bound verbal person-number indexes

August 10: International Cognitive Linguistics Conference, Nishinomyiya (Japan), Natalia Levshina: Causatives of the world, unite! How efficiency can explain cross-linguistic generalizations

July 12-13: Symposium on sociolinguistic variation in signed and spoken languages of the Asia-Pacific region: Susanne Maria Michaelis Plenary talk: Variation across Asian and Pacific creoles

July 5: talk by Martin Haspelmath: Weltweite Sprachenvielfalt: Beobachten, vergleichen und verstehen. (SAW, Karl-Tauchnitz-Straße 1, 10:30Uhr/10:30am)

June 17-19: The 19th Annual Conference of the Association of Portuguese and Spanish-Lexified Creoles & the Summer Conference of the Society for Pidgin and Creole Linguistics, University of Lisbon

June 13: Lecture in the habilitation procedure of Natalia Levshina: Quite diverse: Gradadverbien in Variatäten des Englischen. (Beethovenstr 15, H4 4.15 – 14:00Uhr/2pm)

May 29-31: DISROM 6, University of Bergamo: Susanne Maria Michaelis Plenary talk: Focus constructions in pidgin and creole languages

March 2019

19 March: Leipzig-Bremen workshop on grammatical universals and typology

Core participants:

Bremen: Thomas Stolz, Benjamin Saade, Nicole Hober, Deborah Arbes, Julia Nintemann, Nataliya Levkovych, Beke Seefried, Julian Rott (Berlin), Maja Robbers (Uppsala)

Leipzig: Martin Haspelmath, Katarzyna Janic, Natalia Levshina, Susanne Maria Michaelis, Karsten Schmidtke-Bode, Ilja Seržant, Darja Dërmaku-Appelganz, Dan Ke, Jingting Ye, Ksenia Shagal (Helsinki)

This workshop will take place in Nikolaistraße 8-10 (Strohsack), 5th floor, seminar room 5.55.


9:00: Nicole Hober, Julia Nintemann, Maja Robbers : Asymmetric coding in the spatial deictic systems of the world’s languages

9:30: Jingting Ye: Coding asymmetry in property concepts and some cross-linguistic generalizations

10:00: Deborah Arbes: Asymmetric coding in grammatical number categories of Modern Welsh


11:00: Susanne Maria Michaelis: On raining constructions in creole languages

11:30: Benjamin Saade: From Maltese pronouns towards a typology of pronominal cellmates

12:00: Katarzyna Janic: Asymmetric coding of self- and other-benefactive meanings in cross-linguistic perspective


14:30: Thomas Stolz & Nataliya Levkovych & Beeke Seefried: Progress report on the phonological atlas of Europe

15:00: Ksenia Shagal: A typological study of participles

15:30: Thomas Stolz & Nataliya Levkovych: Increasing vs decreasing segmental complexity in morphological paradigms


16:30: Dan Ke: Progress report on universals of nominal classification systems

17:00: Julian Rott: Valence orientation in the psych domain: Some implications for typology

17:30: Ilja A. Seržant: Factors constraining the rate of change of person-number indexes

Linguists from outside these two groups are welcome to attend, but it would be nice if they told us in advance (send an e-mail to Darja Dërmaku-Appelganz)

January 2018 (25)

January 2018, 25th (Thursday), 9:00-12:30h: Informal mini-workshop on tense-aspect typology and coding asymmetries, with presentations by Martin Haspelmath, Olav Mueller-Reichau, Natalia Levshina, Michael Richter & Giuseppe Celano, Susanne Maria Michaelis, and Karsten Schmidtke-Bode (Nikolaistraße 6-10, meeting room 5.55)

January 2018 (18-19)

Bremen University workshop on “Typology of zero coding“, organized by Thomas Stolz & Martin Haspelmath

July 2017 (11-12)

Susanne Maria Michaelis, Martin Haspelmath, and Martine Robbeets organized a workshop on the topic “Language shift and substrate interference in (pre)history” at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History, Jena.

March 2017 (27-28)

Martin Haspelmath and Iren Hartmann organized a conference on the topic  “Vielfaltslinguistik“, especially targeting  fieldworkers and typologists working in German speaking countries.

March 2017 (8-10)

Martin Haspelmath organized a workshop at the DGfS conference in Saarbrücken, on the topic “Linguistic coding asymmetries, usage frequency and informativeness(

September 2016

September 1-2: Workshop on Functional Motivations and Diachronic Explanation in Typology at the Annual Meeting of the SLE, with talks by Martin Haspelmath, Susanne Michaelis, Natalia Levshina, Karsten Schmidtke-Bode and Ilja Serzant (