Martin Haspelmath’s presentations (selection)


Symmetrical voice languages: Rigorous terminology and language universals (conference handout, International Seminar on Austronesian Languages and Literature, Denpasar, Indonesia) [zenodo]

From community competition to complementarity in general linguistics: The eight complementary why questions (conference handout, Congreso Internacional de Lingüística General, Seville) [zenodo] [talk on YouTube]

Structural, evolutionary and biocognitive explanations are mutually compatible (talk handout, Center for Linguistic Sciences of Beijing Normal University) [zenodo] [talk on Bilibili] (blog version)

Explaining diverse language structures from convergent evolution of linguistic conventions (talk handout, Birmingham lectures) [zenodo] [talk on YouTube]

Variable argument marking and the difference between general and particular linguistics (colloquium handout, Berkeley) [zenodo]


Ambiguity avoidance vs. expectation sensitivity in ditransitive differential argument marking (colloquium handout, Harvard) [zenodo]

Toward a standard list of grammatical comparative concepts: The Grammaticon (SLE conference handout) [OSF]

How evolutionary adaptation explains language structures (Abralin ao Vivo talk handout) [zenodo] [talk on YouTube]

Testable universals, the natural-kinds programme, and presupposed universals in grammatical theorizing (conference handout, DGfS Hamburg) [zenodo]

Grammaticalization and the efficiency theory of asymmetric coding (Copenhagen talk handout) [zenodo]

The polycategoriality parameter: Noun-verb similarities in some languages of the Americas (conference handout, SSILA New Orleans) [zenodo]

Some universals of reflexive construction markers and a possible efficiency-based explanation (conference handout, LSA annual meeting New Orleans) [zenodo]


Toward a new conceptual framework for comparing gender systems and some so-called classifier systems (Stockholm talk handout) [zenodo]


Do aliens have UG? On efficiency of grammatical coding as an explanation for grammatical universals (Leipzig University conference talk handout) [zenodo]


The typology of comparative constructions revisited (conference handout, ALT biennial meeting Leipzig) [zenodo]


Explaining alienability contrasts in adnominal possession: Economy vs. iconicity (conference handout, Syntax of the World’s Languages, Lancaster) [zenodo]


Against iconicity and markedness (Stanford colloquium handout) [zenodo]