09.06.2023:  Symposium of the Leipzig-Vanderbilt cooperation

/ June 9, 2023/ Events, Students

On June 9, we invited representatives from Vanderbilt University to Leipzig for a scientific exchange at the first symposium after the corona pandemic. The international scientists of the Vanderbilt Diabetes Research and Training Center talk about kidney-focused and diabetes-related research:

Prof. Dr. Roy Zent: “The actin cytoskeleton in epithelial cell repair”
Prof. Dr. Ming-Zhi Zhang: “The role of ErbBreceptor family in progressive kidney disease and metabolic syndrome”
Prof. Dr. Matthias Blüher: ”Healthy obesity –myth or fact?” 
Prof. Dr. Raymond Harris: “The role of myeloid cyclooxygenase-2  in kidney injury and adiposity”
Prof. Dr. Ambra Pozzi: “Cell penetrating peptide therapy in organ fibrosis”
Prof. Dr. Berend Isermann:„Coagulation protease signaling in kidney disease –on the path to new therapies?”

The event was headed by Prof. Dr. Annette Beck-Sickinger and Prof. Dr. Jens Meiler and took place in the Small lecture hall, Talstrasse 33, ground floor

Links to instituts website:
Ray Harris: https://www.vumc.org/viiii/person/raymond-c-harris-jr-md
Roy Zent: https://medicine.vumc.org/person/roy-zent-md-phd
Ambra Pozzy: https://medicine.vumc.org/person/ambra-pozzi-phd
Ming-zhi: https://medicine.vumc.org/person/ming-zhi-zhang-md-msc