2nd Scientific Workshop at Vanderbilt, November 2010

/ November 5, 2010/ Events, Research

During November 10th – 14th, researchers from Leipzig University in Germany will visit Vanderbilt to deepen and expand a collaboration between the two Universities. Faculty from Leipzig University will present their research in a kick-off symposium on November 10, 1:30pm in 208 Light Hall. A wine and cheese reception will follow the presentations at 5:30pm, where the faculty will be present to discuss their research. This collaboration is supported by Vanderbilt’s International Office, the Institute for Chemical Biology, the Department of Chemistry, and the School of Arts & Sciences. This collaboration is also supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and the PbF3 of Leipzig University.

On November 10th, 2010 in 208 Light Hall 1:30pm there will be a “Special Symposium: Leipzig-Vanderbilt Collaboration following the VICB seminar by Don Hilvert and a coffee break.

1:30-1:45pm – OPENING REMARKS

1:45-2:10pm – Annette Beck-Sickinger, Biochemistry Faculty

“Single residue exchange in the prolactin-releasing peptide receptor leads to a constitutively active receptor by mimicking the ligand binding”

2:10-2:35pm – Torsten Schöneberg, Biochemistry Faculty (Faculty of Medicine)

“The structural and functional landscape of the ADP receptor P2Y12”

2:35-3:00pm – Thorsten Berg, Organic Chemistry Faculty

“Protein-protein interaction inhibitors of transcription factors and kinases”

3:00-3:25pm – Christoph Schneider, Organic Chemistry Faculty

“Vinylogous Carbon-Carbon Bond Forming Processes. From Design to Synthetic Applications”

3:25-3:50pm – COFFEE BREAK (Coffee, Tea, and Cookies)

3:50-4:15pm – Evamarie Hey-Hawkins, Inorganic Chemistry Faculty

“Carbaboranes — more than just phenyl mimetics”

4:15-4:40pm – Ralf Hoffmann, Bioanalytical Faculty

“Oncocin, a novel designer peptide to treat systemic infections caused by Gram-negative pathogens”

4:40-5:05pm- Daniel Huster, Biophysics Faculty

“Solid-State NMR of Aβ Protofibrils Implies a β-Sheet Remodelling upon Maturation into Terminal Amyloid Fibrils”

5:05-5:30pm – Bernd Abel, Physical Chemistry Faculty

“Protein Aggregation Nanoscopy and Mass Spectrometric Forensic Imaging”

5:30-6:30pm – RECEPTION (Wine and Cheese)