Workshop at VU: Mass Spectrometry based methods for protein structure analysis

/ November 19, 2013/ Events

by Dr. Stefan Kalkhof, Prof. Dr. Martin von Bergen and Prof. Dr. John McLean: In an one-week curse 30 PhD students and postdocs of the Vanderbilt University were introduced to modern mass spectrometry methods and recent technical developments. The participants were made familiar with the theory of H/D exchange, ion mobility, chemical crosslinking, and labeling techniques using chemicals or radicals. Furthermore, to give the participants a better feeling concerning the potential as well as advantages, experimental challenges, and limitations many own projects and experimental protocols were presented and critically discussed. Finally, a session was used to discuss how one could practically utilize the techniques to answer current questions of participant`s projects.



At this point we especially would like to thank all participants for their great interest in the topics and the very active participation during the whole curse as well as Prof. Dr. Jens Meiler for the perfect organization.