Core Facility Mass Spectrometry

The Core Facility Mass Spectrometry offers users the  infrastructure to perform mass spectrometric investigations on biomolecules, drawing on many years of experience in the field of peptide and protein analysis.

The use is open to members of the University of Leipzig, non-commercial external research institutions and, to a limited extent, also to companies. The use of the equipment can take place in self-user mode or in service mode. Further details are regulated in the usage regulations.

The costs for using the equipment are listed in the price list, which is also part of the usage regulations.

Available Equipment

Orbitrap Elite

IonisationESI, nanoESI
Mass analyzerIon Trap, Orbitrap
Mass range~50-2000 m/z
MS/MSyes: MSn (n=2-10), CID and HCD

Bruker Daltonics Microflex

Mass analyzerFlugzeit linear, Flugzeit Reflektor
Mass range~500-5000 m/z reflector mode
 ~4000-70000 m/z linear mode
Target size48 Spots

Q Exactive Plus

Mass analyzerQuadrupol, Orbitrap
Mass range~50-6000 m/z
MS/MSyes: MS2, CID and HCD

Intended for small molecule MS. Please Contact Dr. Matthias Gilbert or Raimund Nagel directly. Further information can be found here.


Sample Preparation

Includes ZipTipping, Desalting, Conditioning and Concentrating of your Sample.

MS and MS/MS Analysis of Biomolecules

MS and MS/MS analysis of peptides and proteins, mas spectrometric characterization of nucleic acids

Gel spots

Protein identification from gel spots or solution

Includes the identification of proteins after enzymatic digestion of gel bands, the identification of post-translational modifications and the characterization of disulfide bond formation.

Analyzing complex data

We offer help on analyzing complex data obtained from proteolytic digestion, protein-protein interaction studies and crosslinking.

Contact us for further information...

Dr. Jan Stichel
Phone: +49-341-97 36797