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The site is related to Wallbaum, C. (Ed.) (2018). Comparing International Music Lessons on Video. Hildesheim, Zürich, New York: Georg Olms and
Wallbaum, Christopher (Hg.) (2010): Perspektiven der Musikdidaktik. Drei Schulstunden im Licht der Theorien. Hildesheim [u.a.]: Olms

Project Information

Neue Analytical Short Films verfügbar

Im Abschnitt “Analytical Short Films” sind ab sofort neue ASFs inkl. CI verfügbar.

Book now available online!

The printed part of the book is now also available online as PDF including links:[…]

Complete Music Lessons

Here, you have access to all recorded complete music lessons from the publications of Christopher Wallbaum. Clicking on the lesson opens a separate browser tab with a multi-angle-video-player in which you can independently switch between video, audio an subtitle streams using the buttons under the timeline. Be aware that it may take a while to load the player on slower connections – if you experience problems, try loading the page again or using a different browser. For further informations on usage and control, refer to the help in the player (small icon in the lower right or the button below).
Additional Information to each lesson (interviews with teachers and students, lesson and room sketches, background ond the education systems, ….) can be downloaded below.

Video Player Help and Information

Analytical Short Films

An Analytical Short Film (ASF) is a medium for showing a specific perspective upon classroom praxis. Itis an ensemble of (a) a Short Film (SF) of about 3 minutes length which shows selected cuts from a recorded music lesson and (b) a tabular explanation of each cut in the Complementary Information (CI). Below you find some tutorials and further material regarding the ASF. For more details refer to Wallbaum (Ed., 2018).
At the moment, in this section, selected Analytical Short Films are published. It is planned to add a password-proctected part on this website where users will have the possibility to upload and create own Analytical Short Films. Feel free to contact us via the eMail-adress below for informations and material for Analytical Short Film creation in research or education.