31.01.2020 virtual talk “Computational investigation of (metallo) proteins structure and dynamics” (Dr. Davide Sala, Fondazione Sacconi, Milan, Italy)

/ January 1, 2020/ Events, Students

We would like to invite you to our next VULU Lecture given by

Dr. Davide Sala
Fondazione Sacconi, Milan, Italy

Computational investigation of (metallo) proteins structure and dynamics


Proteins that require one or more metal ions to perform their biochemical function are called metalloproteins. To date, metalloproteins are estimated to be one-third of all proteins in most of the organisms and are involved in many fundamental biochemical processes. In this regard, the large diffusion of powerful and cost-effective GPGPU units has allowed the computational exploration of a number of biological processes using techniques based on molecular dynamics (MD). Thus, computational methods as MD can be exploited to investigate metalloproteins structural properties and the role of metal ions in their dynamics.