Apply for Max Kade Scholarship 2022

/ January 3, 2022/ News

Unique Opportunities in Gaining Research Experience in Germany and USA

The Max Kade Foundation (MKF, supports an international research exchange between Vanderbilt and Leipzig Universities. Specifically, MKF provides funds of three undergraduate students from each university to conduct a 10 week summer internship at the respective partner university in 2019 (May – December). The Max Kade Foundation Scholarship Program is open for highly motivated and excellent foreign applicants with a BSc, MSc or equivalent degrees (obtained during the past year).

Internship offer in Leipzig for Undergraduate Students from Vanderbilt University 

  • Evolutionary Guided Design of Novel PET-Degrading Enzymes to increase Thermostability
    Dr. Georg Künze (Institute for Drug Development)
  • Analysis of Ternary Complexes of G-Protein Coupled Receptors Using Molecular Dynamics Simulations.
    Prof. Dr. Hildebrand/Dr. Vogel (Institute of Biophysics)
  • Paragmatic solid-state NMR spectroscopy on NPY/Y receptor complex.
    Dr. Schmidt/Prof. Dr. Huster (Institute of Biophysics)
  • Investigation of allosteric modulation of the human Y4 receptor.
    Prof. Dr. Beck-Sickinger (Institute of Biochemistry)
  • Interaction of the BAI2 C-terminus with Calmodulin and Src kinases
    Sandra Berndt (Rudolf Schönheimer Institute of Biochemistry)

Internship offer in Nashville for Master & Doctoral Students from Leipzig University

  • Determation of new GPR126/ADGRG6 Ligands.
    Prof. Dr. Meiler (Center for Structural Biology, Chemical Biology)
  • Development of Potent GPR114-Agonists by Structural Derivation of Apomorphine.
    Prof. Dr. Meiler (Center for Structural Biology, Chemical Biology)
  • Multi-state modeling of the binding site in G protein-coupled receptors with docking of biased ligands
    Prof. Dr. Meiler (Center for Structural Biology, Chemical Biology)
  • Structure determination of a Marburg virus mini-glycoprotein 1 domain with 3D solution NMR
    Dr. Clara T. Schoeder (Center for Structural Biology, Chemical Biology)
  • High resolution T-cell receptor structure prediction from sequence
    Prof. Dr. Meiler (Center for Structural Biology, Chemical Biology)
  • Evolutionary optimization algorithms for hit discovery in combinatorial compound libraries
    Prof. Dr. Meiler (Center for Structural Biology, Chemical Biology)
  • Arrestin interaction with SRC family kinases.
    Prof. Dr. Gurevich (Department of Pharmacology)

The applicant is required to compile a single pdf document including the Application letter, a CV, an unofficial transcript of courses including the current GPA, a statement summarizing past research experience and the motivation to pursue research on this project.

Please submit your application materials as a single PDF to Mrs Carie Fortenberry (VU, ) and Mrs. Anett Albrecht (LU, ).

Three candidates from each university are selected by reviewing the application materials and conducting personal interviews.