Max Kade Scholarship 2018: Unique Opportunities in Gaining Research Experience in Germany and USA

/ January 30, 2018/ News

The Max Kade Foundation (MKF, supports an international research exchange between Vanderbilt and Leipzig Universities. Specifically, MKF provides funds of three undergraduate students from each university to conduct a 10 week summer internship at the respective partner university in 2018 (May – September). The Max Kade Foundation Scholarship Program is open for highly motivated and excellent foreign applicants with a BSc, MSc or equivalent degrees (obtained during the past year).

  • Identification of functional protein-protein-interactions of the ecto- and endodomain of adhesion G protein-coupled receptors
    (Prof. Dr. Vsevolod Gurevich)
  • Investigation of Ligand Binding at the Chemokine-Like Receptor 1
    (Prof. Dr. Jens Meiler)
  • Rosetta docking of allosteric modulators to the Y4 receptor.
    (Prof. Dr. Jens Meiler)
  • The dynamics of prostaglandin and prostaglandin glycerol ester synthesis and signaling
    (Prof. Dr. Torsten Schöneberg)
  • Modeling active states of GPCRs
    (Prof. Dr. Peter Hildebrand)

Candidates from each university are selected by reviewing the application materials and conducting personal interviews. The applicant is required to compile a single pdf document including the form (background), a rank list of the projects available, a CV, an unofficial transcript of courses including the current GPA, a statement summarizing past research experience and the motivation to pursue research on this project.

Please submit your application materials as a single PDF to Mrs Heather Darling (VU, ) and Mrs. Anett Albrecht (LU, ). They are happy to help on any upcoming request.