Our Projects

aufbauACT: Establishment of an interfaculty center for bioactive matter at Leipzig University

Construction and understanding of self-sustaining, structured phototrophic microbial communities in hydrogels and biofilms for biocatalytic applications

SoftKollP: the first portable biosensor for quantitative field monitoring of anthropogenic contaminants in the environment

Anti-Stokes cooling for fluidics

DYNAMO: DYnamic control in hybrid plasmonic NAnopores: road to next generation multiplexed single MOlecule detection (MSCA Doctoral Network)

bioMAT4EYE: Neoteric biomaterials for the monitored differentiation of hiPSCs to RGCs: production, microfabrication & microfluidics

SaxoCell-Systems platform / SaxoCell future cluster

REPLACER: Recycling plastic and developing hybrid living materials by capturing greenhouse gases to produce value-added products

Hormone Rapid Test

PHeaMO+EZ: Platform for high-throughput screening of electrochemically active microorganisms and enzymes for efficient and long-term stable biocatalysis

CardioEpiX: Stem cell-based in-vitro tool for differentiated precision diagnostics and therapy development for heart diseases

LigNylon: Electrochemical hydrogenation of lignin-derived mixtures of aromatic compounds for microbial synthesis of Nylon monomers

Analysis and Prediction of Complex Microbial Community Functions in Hybrid Living

3D-BRICKS: 3D Biofabricated high-perfoRmance dna-carbon nanotube dIgital electroniCKS

ViSuPar: Development and investigation of a highly sensitive, visual rapid test for sulfonamide antibiotics in environmental analysis based on soft hydrogel microparticles

LivMat: Productive catalytic living materials: combining 3D biobased fibrillar membranes with synthetic microbial consortia to produce chemicals

LigNylon: Electrochemical hydrogenation of lignin-derived mix-tures of aromatic compounds for microbial synthesis of Nylon monomers

BIOWIN: AI-supported biotechnology for resource-efficient active ingredient and bio-nylon production

SPP 2451: Engineered Living Materials with Adaptive Functions

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