Junior Research Group

Dr. Rohan Karande

Junior Research Group
Biomimetic Nanotechnology​

Dr. Henri G. Franquelim

Example of giant unilamellar vesicles, phase-separated supported lipid bilayers and curved DNA origami nanostructures visualized using fluorescence confocal and atomic force microscopies. Image collected by Dr. Henri Franquelim, at Dep. Schwille, MPI Biochemistry.

System Lab
Active Materials

Prof. Dr. Tilo Pompe

Design sketch of a microfluidic chip for synthesis of hydrogel microparticles to be applied in biosensors. Picture: Christian Danneberg

System Lab
Active Material Analytics

Prof. Dr. Frank Cichos

Neural network on microelectrode array. Picture: Leipzig University, BBZ, Molecular Biological-Biochemical Process Engineering

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