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ENIUGH will publish a newsletter twice a year. Due to the fact that the current 120 members of ENUIGH are distributed across more than 25 countries we will use this newsletter to regularly inform members about the financial matters of our association and the different ways to actively take part in and support it. This will also include information about online elections. Prospectively each issue will contain information of the state of the art of the preparation of our next congress as well as news from or about our periodicals. The majority of the contributions will be in English, but we will also publish announcements in German or French if the authors prefer.

We would like to herewith invite you to send us information about current projects and initiatives, forthcoming workshops and conferences, study programmes, or publications, which may be of interest to all members of ENIUGH and should therefore be announced in this newsletter.


We invite all members of the network who wish to inform a wider public about specific activities and news to submit this information as early as possible (at the latest by either 15 April or 15 October) to: ENIUGH Headquarters.

May 2009
         Download the Newsletter of May 2009 here.
July 2008

Download the Newsletter of July 2008 here