By-Laws Karl-Lamprecht-Gesellschaft (KLG)/ European Network in Universal and Global History (ENIUGH)

The by-laws of the Karl-Lamprecht-Gesellschaft (KLG)/European Network in Universal and Global History (ENIUGH) are valid for legal reasons in German and the full text in German can be found at here.

Unless enormous efforts are made to create an association under European law, the legal enforcement of by-laws is to be related to national law. Since these by-laws apply only to German jurisdiction, they are not translated into English, but a summary will be given here to clarify the rights and duties associated with the membership in ENIUGH and to explain its structure and decision-making processes:

The headquarters of KLG/ ENIUGH is Leipzig; the fiscal year starts on January 1 and ends on December 31.

The aim of this association is the promotion of scientific research and academic teaching in world and global history, in transnational-oriented cultural studies, and in the history of the humanities and social sciences. This is done through the support of academic debates at conferences and workshop as well as through the publication of new research.

The KLG/ ENIUGH is bound by its non-profit aims and is politically and denominationally neutral. All finances have to be used to support the stated aims and are not meant for profit-making.
A membership starts with a written request and ends upon such. Members have the right to participate in all activities of the KLG/ ENIUGH; they possess the right to address petitions to the board and to vote in person at the Mitgliederversammlung/ general meeting in all matters on the agenda. The prerequisite of an active membership is the timely payment of the membership fee. In addition, each member is expected to actively support the aims and efforts of KLG/ENIUGH. The KLG/ ENIUGH is a structure consisting of the Mitgliederversammlung/ general meeting, a board, two cash auditors, and a Steering Committee. The Mitgliederversammlung/ general meeting convenes once a year and this meeting will be announced at least four weeks prior. Petitions have to be sent to the board at least five workdays before the meeting. Resolutions at the Mitgliederversammlung/ general meeting are valid once they receive a positive vote from half of the attending members. Exceptional clauses are changes of the by-laws and the dissolution of the association, which require a positive vote from three fourths of the attending members.
The Mitgliederversammlung/ general meeting approves the reports of the board and the cash auditors, and elects both. The board serves for a period of two years, while the cash auditors act only for one year, without being members of the board. The Mitgliederversammlung/ general meeting also determines the membership fee and decides upon the financial plan for the forthcoming year.
The board consists of a president, a cashier, and a managing director, each of them with the right of sole agency. It has to fulfil and direct the decisions made at the Mitgliederversammlung/ general meeting, represent the KLG/ ENIUGH in all internal and outside matters, and give written report about its activities. Furthermore, it bears the responsibility for all financial issues including the yearly cash report, which has to be presented to the Mitgliederversammlung/ general meeting.
The cash auditors undertake and control all financial matters of KLG/ ENIUGH according to the aims of the association and the decision of the Mitgliederversammlung/ general meeting. Once a year they must present a financial report to the board at the Mitgliederversammlung/ general meeting.

The KLG/ ENIUGH regularly organises a European congress in world and global history. The responsibility for this congress is that of the Steering Committee that is elected for a period of three years at the congresses. The Steering Committee elects a president who is an associated member of the board during his time of office. The Steering Committee has to give accounts of all its activities at the Mitgliederversammlung/ general meeting.
Current membership fees were determined in 2002 at the Mitgliederversammlung/ general meeting: regular membership for one year is EURO 60,00; student membership for one year is EURO 30,00.
The membership includes a subscription to COMPARATIV, for its six issues per year. For active membership and the delivery of COMPARATIV, payment of the membership fee is required. The renewal of the membership for the following year has to be paid before January 31. Payments can be made by check or by money transfer. Checks should be payable to Karl-Lamprecht-Gesellschaft/ ENIUGH. All payments must be made in Euro.