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Image Comparativ. A Journal on global history and comparative analysis of societies is a paper-based scientific journal, which is published since 1991 six times a year; each issue contains 4-6 thematically related articles, a forum section, and book reviews. It is edited on behalf of ENIUGH by Matthias Middell and Hannes Siegrist. It publishes articles and reviews in English, German and French. With its clear focus on thematic issues Comparativ offers an opportunity to publish results from panels or smaller workshops but allows also to bring achievements from collective research projects to the attention of the academic audience. The main criterion in the selection of topics for such thematic issues is its global orientation. Comparativ publishes regularly overviews on current trends in world history writing.

For more information about previous issues as well as about the current editorial policy see: www.comparativ.net.


Transnational, Cross-Regional and Global CONNECTIONS

ImageConnections is a peer-reviewed e-journal in the field of area, transnational, transregional, world and global histories, edited on behalf of the European Network in Universal and Global History (ENIUGH) by Matthias Middell and Katja Naumann. Connections is a part of the Clio-online network, which acts as an information and communication platform. The editors are supported by the Steering Committee of ENIUGH in the peer-review process, which is based upon cooperation between research units across Europe. The editorial office is connected to the ENIUGH headquarters and is located at the Centre for Area Studies at the University of Leipzig.


It was founded (under the name of history.transnational in 2004 by French and German scholars from the Centre for Advanced Study at the University of Leipzig and from the 'Transfers culturels' research group at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique Paris.

In 2016 its concept has changed insofar as now research articles will become a central feature of the journal additionally to the focus on book reviews and reports on academic events. More than 7000 subscribers indicate that the forum has become an effective instrument of communication within the multilingual European community of academics being interested in global connections.


Book Series with Bloomsbury

ImageBeginning with the ENIUGH-congress 2014 in Paris a close collaboration between ENIUGH and Bloomsbury Publishers was agreed in order to make available main results of the congresses as well as monographs in the field of world and global history to a wider audience. The first volume on specific European traditions and approaches in the writing of world and global history will be launched in early 2017, just before the next congress in Budapest will focus on the relationship between imperial and revolutionary histories in a global perspective.