International Collaboration

A research programme that brings together the expertise of different area studies is particularly dependent on international partnerships, which are also reflected in the practice of the SFB 1199 and its members.

Each individual project develops close cooperation with partners not only in the respective study region but also beyond. Important and particularly active centres in Europe are the Laboratory of Excellence (LabEx) TransferS, in Paris, and the Centre for Imperial and Global History, in Exeter.

In fact, in the US, all Ivy League universities as well as several other leading universities have established structures to analyse global developments, of which we are in close contact with the Weatherhead Initiative on Global History/Weatherhead Research Cluster on Global Transformations at Harvard University, the Global Studies Program at UC Santa Barbara, and the Global History Lab at Princeton University.

An important aspect for initiating cooperation is the manifold field research undertaken at the SFB. As a rule, field research goes hand in hand with intensive contact with local researchers as well as with a close interaction with the international academic community that researches the same area.