In Press

Here you can find an overview of upcoming publications of all members of the SFB.

  • U. Engel, “INISA-Rundgespräch im Berliner Afrika-Haus: Die zukünftige Afrikapolitik Deutschlands – Perspektiven für den Bereich ‘Frieden und Sicherheit‘“, Afrika mitten in Berlin – Entwicklungspolitischer Diskurs im Afrika-Haus 2019, Afrika-Haus Berlin, 2020, pp. 5–8.
  • U. Engel, Black Swan, Grey Swan? Pandemic scenarios and African peace and security futures., In: C. Greiner, M. Bollig and S. Van Wolputte (eds.): African Futures., Leiden, Boson MA. Brill, 2021.
  • M. Maruscke and M. Covo, “The French Revolution: An Imperial Revolution”, French Historical Studies (provisionally accepted).
  • M. Maruschke, “The French Revolution and the New Spatial Format for Empire: A Nation State with Imperial Extensions”, French Historical Studies (provisionally accepted).
  • M. Middell and M. Maruschke, “Dynamiques globales au milieu du XIXe siècle“, in: Q. Deluermoz, E. Fureix and C. Thibaud (eds.), Les mondes de 1848, Ceyzérieu: Champ Vallon.
  • S. Wöll, “‘True Places Never Are’: Navigating (Trans)Oceanic Imaginations in ‘Moby-Dick’”, American Studies Over_Seas (2020).
  • S. Wöll, “Spatial Imaginations and Counter-Geographies of Oregon and the Far West”, Reinventing the Social: Movements and Narratives of Resistance, Dissension, and Reconciliation in the Americas, International Association of Inter-American Studies, 2020.