Long-standing Partnerships

The SFB 1199 is oriented towards close cooperation with partners all over the world. This allows for joint fieldwork activities, short-term visits of guest researchers, and workshops resulting in joint publications.

A growing number of institutional partnerships are of strategic value for further developing the research cluster by exploring innovative approaches to global comparisons and the study of transregional entanglements. Our partner institutions are:

The Collaborative Research Centre has also developed a smaller number of strategic partnerships that make an important contribution to the joint exploration of topics and to the development of the theoretical perspective of the SFB. In the first phase, such contacts were developed mainly with Montreal (both McGill University and Université de Montréal, with which numerous meetings, scholar exchanges, and joint publications have been realized), Paris (LabEx TransferS at the Ecole normale supérieure and the Global Studies Programme at the École des hautes études en sciences sociales, with whom the SFB also organized several meetings), Stellenbosch University (with joint initiatives to explore sub-Saharan Africa), and Taipei (National Chengchi University, with regular conferences being held on processes of respatialization in East Asia and the Pacific, complemented by its long-standing cooperation with Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi and Macquarie University in Sydney).

Last but not least, the SFB benefits from the fact that for more than two decades Leipzig University has been the headquarters for numerous European and global scientific associations, which organize regular congresses, in particular the European Network in Universal and Global History and the Global History Network of the European Social Science and History Conference.