Contacts & Resources

We are convinced that efforts to foster diversity, gender equality, and inclusion are substantial features in our endeavour to attract highly competent researchers, diversify perspectives in research, and pioneer structural changes in academic life.

Our diversity and equal opportunity concept is based on standards set out by the German Research Foundation and embedded in the equal opportunity policy of Leipzig University as part of its University Development Plan 2025. We are aware of challenges associated with working in a diverse, gender-sensitive, and inclusionary research environment and are well-prepared to deal with situations that might require intervention, counselling, or personal assistance.

Our in-house equal opportunity officer is in charge of organizing and conducting the different measures depicted below. Moreover, the office is the first point of contact for our members in any cases of discrimination in the workplace and for more general issues related to diversity and equal opportunities. Additionally, we provide our members with contacts, resources, and addresses both inside and outside the university.
Find below a collection of the most important contacts.

Leipzig University

There are numerous specialized offices at Leipzig University that deal with issues of equal treatment and discrimination.

  • Office for Equality, Diversity and Family Affairs of Leipzig University (Stabsstelle Chancengleichheit
    Strohsackpassage, 3. Etage Nikolaistr. 6-10, 04109 Leipzig
    Fon: +49 341-97 30090
  • Office for Equality, Diversity and Family Affairs
    Georg Teichert, Ritterstraße 16-22, Raum 302, 04109 Leipzig
  • Commissioner for Students with Chronic Diseases and Disabilities (Beauftragte für Studierende mit chron. Erkrankung und Behinderung)
    Prof. Dr. Heike Tiemann, Senatsbeauftragte für Studierende mit chronischer Erkrankung und Behinderung der Universität Leipzig
    Strohsackpassage, 3. OG, Nikolaistraße 6-10, Raum 3.51, 04109 Leipzig
    Fon: +49 341-97 30149 or +49 341-97-31641
  • Commissioner for Foreigners (Ausländerbeauftragte)
    Dr. Birgit Jänichen, Ritterstraße 24, 04109 Leipzig
    Fon: +49 341-97 32033
  • Complaints Office according to General Equal Treatment Act (Beschwerdestelle nach Allgemeinen Gleichbehandlungsgesetz [AGG])
    Martin Wißmiller, Goethestraße 6, Raum: 506, 04109 Leipzig, Fon: +49 341-97 33002, E-Mail:

Student Services (Studentenwerk)

International students can also find support and tutoring in the self-organized Student Services. For students with social, psychological, or other kinds of personal problems, there is the opportunity to get help from professionals. Consultations and coaching are offered for free in German and English. For more information, see the list of contacts and updated news/events.

  • Counseling (Sozialberatung)
    Jana Kuppardt, Sozialberatung & Ansprechpartnerin für internationale Studierende
    Fon: + 49 176 1965 9673
  • Tutoring
    Students who want to exchange experiences, skills, and knowledge in a relaxed atmosphere may find workshops, meetings, and events offered by the self-organized Student Services interesting. Tutoring opportunities can be found here

City of Leipzig

  • Equal Opportunity Office of Leipzig City Administration (Gleichstellungsbeauftrage der Stadt Leipzig)
    Genka Lapön,
    Otto-Schill-Straße 2, 04109 Leipzig
    Fon: +49 341-123 2689

State of Saxony

  • Anti-Discrimination Office Saxony (Antidiskriminierungsbüro Sachsen)
    Geschäftsstelle Leipzig
    Seeburgstraße 20, 04103 Leipzig
    Fon: +49 341-303 94 92