SFB Colloquium: Projekt Cybersyn - in Echtzeit zum Sozialismus? Netzwerke, Verflechtungen und Perzeptionen chilenischer Technikgeschichte

Katharina Loeber (FU Hagen)


The weekly colloquium of the Collaborative Research Centre provides a forum for presentations by external guests as well as by members of the SFB 1199 within a tailored thematic framework. The format helps to create a common ground for discussion between guests, the Collaborative Research Centre, as well as the wider academic public.

This week Katharina Loeber (FU Hagen) will talk about Cybersyn, the cybernetic attempt to control the central government in real time during the reign of Salvador Allende in Chile. Her discussion of Cybersysn is also a discussion about up-to-date topics concerning tech and society like for instance protection of privacy, algorithm control and AI. While by some Cybersyn is received as “socialist internet” or the “socialist origins of big data” others stress its merits for swift data communication between the economic sector and a central computer in Santiago de Chile.

The session will be held in presence, but it is also possible to access it online. To join, please click the button below.

Biographical Note

Katharina Loeber (Fernuni Hagen)

Katharina Loeber is a renowned historian and professor at FernUniversität in Hagen, Germany. With a focus on contemporary history and gender studies, she has made significant contributions to the field. Dr. Löber completed her doctoral degree in history at the University of Göttingen, specializing in the intersection of gender, politics, and society in post-World War II Germany. Her research explores women’s movements, feminism, and the impact of gender on societal transformations.