Conclusions & Implications

Ute Wardenga (SFB 1199 & IfL Leipzig) & Ulf Engel (SFB 1199 & Leipzig U)

The weekly colloquium of the Collaborative Research Centre provides a forum for presentations by external guests as well as by members of the SFB 1199 within a tailored thematic framework. The format helps to create a common ground for discussion between guests, the Collaborative Research Centre, as well as the wider academic public. The complete program can be found here.

The Colloquium of the summer term 2022 will be devoted to the theme ‘Spatial Semantics’, i.e. multiple and various acts of expressing, describing, visualizing, assessing and questioning spatial phenomena – eventually leading to the stabilization of processes of spatialization. The change, circulation and transformation of those spatial semantics is one of the common and overarching research issues of the SFB 1199.

In the final session of this summer term, Ute Wardenga and Ulf Engel are going to look back at the several colloquia in order to conclude the findings and to elaborate on their implications.

The session will be held in presence, but it is also possible to access it online. To join, please click the button below.