Archiving and Sharing Ethnographic/Qualitative Research Data. Good Practices and Ongoing Debates

Sabine Imeri (HU Berlin), Elisabeth Huber (U Bremen) & Eva Ommert (SFB 1199)

Research data management and concomitant concepts such as the data lifecycle have raised widespread attention in academia in recent years. However, specific solutions and procedures for ethnographic and qualitative research data have only started to be developed. This is due, not at last, to ongoing debates about the reuse potential of ethnographic data: Which data are suitable for archiving and for which reuse purposes? Hitherto existing good practices refer to planning and preparing of research projects, legal and ethical requirements as well as documentation practices. In this colloquium we will present and discuss aspects related to the preparation of data for archiving and sharing like e.g. anonymizing data to protect research partners or contextualizing data for secondary researchers. Moreover, our contribution will stretch to the curation of data for the long-term preservation, precautionary measures for opening and sharing data as well as possibilities for making data findable and accessible.

Dr. Sabine Imeri
Scientific Information Service Social and Cultural Anthropology (Fachinformationsdienst Sozial- und Kulturanthropologie)
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Dr. Elisabeth Huber
Research Data Center Qualiservice
Universität Bremen

Moderation: Eva Ommert (SFB 1199)

The session will take place online. You can join following this link.