Socialist Mobilities: Practises, Trajectories, and Tensions of Political Circulations in a Changing World (1945-1990)

Steffi Marung (SFB 1199 & Leipzig U) & Ana Moledo (SFB 1199)

At this workshop original research on the interrelated physical and imagined, emotional and intellectual, as well as social (im)mobilities of actors from (Eastern and Western) Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America will be discussed. For these actors their (im)mobilities have been a crucial aspect of their emancipatory agendas, of socialist state building and of socialist globalization projects. The papers presented address questions such as: Can we identify specific geographies, practices, imaginations, and effects of such socialist mobilities during the 20th century? How have transregional and transnational circulations, encounters and moorings of these actors and their projects shaped and challenged the very concept and project of a socialist modernity, and spurred adaptations or reinterpretations of socialist tenets and its application in the context of decolonization?

The workshop takes place both on-site and online. You can find the detailed programme here. If you are interested in joining us, please contact Steffi Marung.