Spatiality and Psyche: Surviving the Yukon in Jack London's "Love of Life" and "To Build a Fire"

Steffen Wöll (SFB 1199)

Publication Date

January 2018


Berlin/New York: Peter Lang




Book Chapter

Book Title

Processes of Spatialization in the Americas. Configurations and Narratives


Gabriele Pisarz-Ramirez and Hannes Warnecke-Berger



About the Author

Dr. Steffen Adrain Wöll (SFB 1199 & Leipzig University)

Employed at SFB 1199 since October 2016, I’ve contributed my American Studies background to a sub project, finishing with a dissertation titled “The West and the Word: Imagining, Formatting, and Ordering the American West in Nineteenth-Century Cultural Discourse.” Starting in 2020, I’m employed as a postdoctoral researcher in the follow-up project that involves the study of US transoceanic expansion between 1880-1940 and its representation and construction in literature and other cultural texts. These studies bring to the fore discursive dynamics and intersections between spatial imaginations of the transpacific and circum-caribbean spaces, as well as their connections at geo-strategic junctions such as the Panama Canal. Next to the analysis of spatial imaginations, formats, and orders, I’m interested in representations of agency, race, and otherness in US literature and culture. Articles about these and other subjects have appeared in several journals and volumes.