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Jiranuwat Sapodum (B10) were awarded with the doctoral prize of the Research Academy Leipzig for his outstanding dissertation.
Title: Mimicking 3D tumor microenvironment in vitro.

Nadine Lohmann (B3) und Lucas Schirmer (A10) were awarded with the Egon-Macher-Preis 2018 of the ADF in Zurich for their joint publication. Title: Glycosaminoglycan-based hydrogels capture inflammatory chemokines and rescue defective wound healing in mice.

Dr. Ann-Kristin Picke
(B2) were honored with the ECTS Travel Award for here High Quality Abstract during the 44th European Calcified Tissue Society Congress in Salzburg. Title: Thy-1 - a novel positive regulator of bone mass and strength

Dr. Ann-Kristin Picke
(B2) recieved Poster Prize of the "Deutschen Gesellschaft für Endokrinologie" (DGE), and a Travel Award
Title: Thy-1 is a novel positive regulator of bone mass

Dr. Anne-Helen Lutter
(B1) were honored with Best Poster Award during the 6th Munich Biomarker Conference
Title: Biomarker-based Assay affects cellular characteristics of osteoclasts in vitro - polystyrene vs. ODEM

Dr. Christine Hofbauer
, geb. Hamann (B2) were honored with the AOTrauma Germany Award.

Dr. Sandra Franz (B3) were honored with the DGBM Poster Prize.
Title: StarPEG-GAG hydrogels as chemokine scavenger to promote wound healing

Benno Müller
(A1) receives DGBM Award for his presetation (Title: Surface engineering by means of a toolbox of biodegradable 3-armed macromers) during the annual meeting of the DGBM in Aachen.

Ann-Kristin Picke
(B2) were honored with the Lennart Stroemberg Award during the 15th Biennial Conference der International Society of Fracture Repair (ISFR) in Munch.
Title: Improved bone regeneration in diabetic rats by sulfated hyaluronan via scavenging sclerostin and enhancing osteoblast function

Ann-Kristin Picke
(B2) were honored with the Poster Prize of the Deutschen Gesellschaft für Endokrinologie (DGE).
Title: The function Wnt signaling and insulin resistance in altered bone metabolism after high fat diet and exercise

Juliane Salbach-Hirsch
und Ann-Kristin Picke receives awared from DGE.

Lucas Schirmer
(doctoral student, A10) receives awared for his poster presentation at the WBC 2016 in Montral

Christian Beescho
receives "poster price" from the German Society of Wound Healing.

Ann-Kristin Picke
(B2) receives the "Von Recklinghausen-Preis".

Dr. rer. nat. Juliane Salbach-Hirsch
(B2) were honoered with the "Friedrich-Heuck-Preis".

Jiranuwat Sapudom
(B10) receives "poster price" during the International Meeting of the German Society for Cell Biology 2014 in Regensburg.