Seventh Annual Conference
Mediating Spatial Imaginations

Tuesday, 27 September 2022 - Thursday, 29 September 2022

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‚die tagungslounge‘, Katharinenstraße 6, 04109 Leipzig


27 September

Chair: Uwe Müller (GWZO, Leipzig)

Marian Augustina Brainoo (IfL, Leipzig): Economic imaginaries and the global knowledge economy in question

Marcus Sattler (IfL, Leipzig): Commodity chains and cognate approaches as spatial imaginations-cum-formats: from cross-national exploitation via development towards community


Cameron Blevins (University of Colorado, Denver): Information, infrastructure, and the geography of state power



28 September

Chairs: Ulf Engel & S. Elisabeth Warnck (Leipzig University)

Discussant: Bettina Engels (FU Berlin)



Deniz Cil (University of Maryland, Baltimore): Mapping the peace: Using geospatial data to advance research on peacekeeping and displacement

Steven Radil (US Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs): Mapping conflict networks in North and West Africa

S. Elisabeth Warnck (Leipzig University): ‘Mapping out’ intervention data

Chair: Antje Dietze (Leipzig University)



Sarah R. Sippel/Moritz Dolinga (University of Münster, Leipzig University): Drones flying over fields autonomously harvested by robots: how agtech reimagines the rural

Manuel Harms (TU Dresden): Spaces of ‘superbugs’: Media constructions of AMR-riskscapes

Katarina Ristic/Karen Silva Torres (Leipzig University): Transnational protests in social media: cultural transfers and spatial imaginations

Lunch Break

Chairs: Antje Dietze, Julius Wilm, Ninja Steinbach-Hüther (Leipzig University)



Carolina Rozo-Higuera (Leipzig University): Data visualization and the challenge of analysing it in context

Lea Bauer, Sarah Ruth Sippel (Leipzig University): Visualizing qualitative research: potentials, challenges, ambivalences

Yasmine Najm (Leipzig University): Cloud visualizations / spatial semantics

Kathleen Schlütter (Leipzig University): tba

Sofia Gavrilova/ Philipp Meyer/Jana Moser (IfL, Leipzig):Re-mapping empirical findings from atlas analysis

Additional Inputs:

Katarina Ristic (Leipzig University): Projects on memes regarding the war in Yugoslavia

Julius Wilm (Leipzig University): Visualization as a hermeneutic process – how does the process of visualizing qualitative data force us to reflect our research and the abstractions that we necessarily make?


29 September

Chairs(s): Philipp Meyer/Jana Moser (IfL, Leipzig)



Maria Cristina Galmarini (College of William & Mary Williamsburg): Tactile maps, blind people, and the circulation of socialist geographic knowledge in Cold War Europe

Alina Petrova (Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences): Title t.b.c.

Steffi Marung (Leipzig University): How to see the socialist (br)other? Visual repertoires for the non-European world in the Soviet Union

Philipp Meyer/Jana Moser (IfL, Leipzig): Towards understanding the spatiality of digital and web-cartography

(Concluding) Lunch