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In addition to publishing current information on our research work, the TRR 67 also participates in numerous other formats such as conferences, lectures, workshops and exhibitions. On this page you will find a compilation of current news and events from our Collaborative Research Center.

TRR 67 Events

The TRR 67 Colloquium takes place regularly on the last Monday of the month at 16:30 clock in the seminar room of the skin clinic Leipzig (4th floor), Philipp-Rosenthal-Straße 23, Leipzig. All interested ones are quite cordially invited!

Program information will be announced separately.

Prof. Dr. John Dunlop
Paris-Lodron University of Salzburg, MorpoPhysics Group, Department of the Chemistry and Physics of Materials

Title: “Anticlastic surfaces for tissue growth, how 3D curvature influences cell and tissue

Living tissues can change both shape and size throughout an organism’s lifecycle via processes of active growth or passive swelling. Both aspects of tissue morphogenesis are known to be influenced by the physical constraints of the surrounding 3D environment, although the fundamental mechanisms that control them still remain unclear. Furthermore, it is likely that the shape of a substrate also plays an important role on the patterning of extracellular matrix components over long length scales. This presentation will illustrate how geometric constraints, and in particular the curvature of a substrate, influences tissue growth. We do this by producing novel, constant mean-curvature surfaces out of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS), which can then be functionalised to allow for tissue culture. These surfaces are doubly curved (anticlastic) and as a consequence allow us to explore the role of competing curvature directions on the behaviour of cells. By combining observations from our tissue culture experiments with theoretical calculations we can demonstrate that tissues can be described as viscous fluids. In addition to learning about the fundamental biophysics of shape changes, it is hoped that the ideas stemming from such research can be used to design new optimised substrates for regenerative medicine.

Begin: 5 PM  / Venue: Leipzig University, Faculty of Life Sciences, Small Lecture Hall, Brüderstr. 34, 04103 Leipzig

The Module “Materials in Medicine” provides an introduction to basic concepts of cutaneous wound healing and the management of large soft tissue injuries in the context of diseases such as diabetes or cancer. Reconstructive surgical techniques, the use of biomaterials in medicine as well as novel potential drug targets in skin biology will be highlighted.

Program: TRR67_IRTG_Program_MaterialsinMedicine_2019 (PDF)

Venue: Universität Leipzig, Medizinische Fakultät, Carl-Ludwig-Institut, Seminarraum 7, Liebigstraße 27,04103 Leipzig

Registration: Please register for the course by sending an e-mail to Anett Albrecht.

TRR 67 – Frontiers in Biomaterial Science

3rd INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM of the Transregio 67

March 20-21, 2020 in Leipzig

The symposium takes place at Leipzig University, Paulinum, Augustusplatz 10, 04109 Leipzig, Germany.

TRR 67 Paper Prize

The Transregio 67 annually awards three prizes for outstanding scientific publications of its doctoral students. The publications to be awarded must have been published between October of the previous year and September of the current year. First author must be a PhD student of Transregio 67. The Transregio board of directors (including the doctoral student representative) will decide on the awarding of the three prizes.

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