Project A07 – Innovative Rosetta algorithms for comparative modeling and docking of GPCRs  

Project A07 focuses on the development of a Rosetta pipeline for comparative modeling and docking of GPCRs based on a combined conformational selection/induced fit paradigm. This novel approach uses RosettaCM to construct GPCR comparative models. It features fully flexible docking of partner proteins with simultaneous construction of loop regions (Aim I). Aim II modifies the RosettaLigand sampling algorithm to dock ensembles of small molecules simultaneously thereby enabling a new scoring function that ranks ligands according to their affinity or biological activity (Aim III). Aim IV benchmarks the overall pipeline.


Prof. Dr. Jens Meiler (Project Leader)

Leipzig University, Faculty of Medicine
Institute for Drug Development
Liebigstraße 19, D-04103 Leipzig

Phone +49 341 97 11801


(Collection of resources used and or created by the project)


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