Project B01 – Molecular mechanisms of allosteric modulators at Y-receptors


Prof. Dr. Annette Beck-Sickinger (Project Leader)

Leipzig University, Faculty of Life Sciences
Institute of Biochemistry
Brüderstrasse 34, D-04103 Leipzig

Phone +49 341 97 36 900

Corinna Schüss (Post Doc)

Leipzig University, Faculty of Life Sciences
Institute of Biochemistry
Brüderstrasse 34, D-04103 Leipzig

Lisa Peuker (PhD Student)

Leipzig University, Faculty of Life Sciences
Institute of Biochemistry
Brüderstrasse 34, D-04103 Leipzig

Hannah Lentschat (PhD Student)

Leipzig University, Faculty of Life Sciences
Institute of Biochemistry
Brüderstrasse 34, D-04103 Leipzig

Tim Pelczyk (PhD Student)

Leipzig University, Faculty of Life Sciences
Institute of Biochemistry
Brüderstrasse 34, D-04103 Leipzig

Manuel Troll (PhD Student, associated)

Leipzig University, Faculty of Life Sciences
Institute of Biochemistry
Brüderstrasse 34, D-04103 Leipzig


Unit Center Mass Spectrometry (>> Link)

  • Bruker Daltonics Microflex MALDI-ToF Massenspektrometer
  • Bruker Daltonics Ultraflex III MALDI-ToF/ToF
  • Bruker Daltonics Esquire HCT
  • Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Elite


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