Project Group Z: Services

All three research groups of projects will collaborate intimately to benefit from the complementary ap­proaches to investigating struc­­­tural dynamics. Struc­tural information will be provided to projects, working on activation and signaling dyna­mics for a better under­standing, where­as infor­mation from cross­linking, mutagenesis and sig­naling will support the analysis of the dynamics from structural in­for­mation. Furthermore, a strong exchange between acti­vation and signaling is crucial for a holistic model of receptor acti­vation. In addition to the admi­nistrative and educational pro­jects Z01 and Z02 we propose two core projects Z03 and Z04. Z03 will provide modified pep­tides or peptides in larger amounts to all projects that need the ligand for structural analysis, biological function and in vivo studies. Furthermore, Z03 will support receptor expression to facilitate structural analysis of receptors. Z04 combines all theoretical infor­mation and offers sequence com­parison, molecular modeling and dynamics to the individual subprojects. Both service Z-projects will provide essential expertise to support the projects and increase the advancing of the projects.

Individual projects in Project Group Z