Doctoral Researchers

Here you will find the young scientists currently participating in the graduate school who have agreed to this online list.

Project Group A

Monique Gallandi (A01)

Mateusz Sklodowski (A07, associated)

Project Group B

Hannah Lentschat (B01)

Tim Pelczyk (B01)

Lisa Peuker (B01, associated)

Manuel Christian Troll (B01)

Project Group C

Maik Pankonin (C01)

Pauline Löffler (C05, associated)

Florian Flemming (associated)

Former Members

  • Nicolas Heyder (A01)
  • Marvin Bremer (A03)
  • Miron Gershkovich (A03)
  • Victoria Behr (B01)
  • Corinna Schüss (B01)
  • Md Abdus Sattar (B03)
  • Fabio Pieretti (B04)
  • Mareike Hemberger (B06)
  • Victoria Groß (C04)