Gender-equality of the SFB1423

The SFB1423 is committed to gender equality and gender justice and regards the implementation of corresponding standards as a strategic management task. The Board will facilitate activities and discussions to achieve that everyone at SFB1423 should be able to work with pleasure and without severe limitations, independent of whether they have a family, come from a different culture or have a disability. 

Anett Albrecht

(Scientific Coordinator)

Leipzig University, Institute of Biochemistry
Faculty of Life Sciences
Brüderstr. 34, 04103 Leipzig

Phone +49 341 9736902

Gender-equality measurements

  • Internal mentoring program for female scientists for research development and career planning;
  • Scientific talks and round table meetings with female scientists to foster the topic.
  • Career development workshops and networking events for female PhD students, postdoctoral researchers, junior group leaders and habilitation candidates;
  • Actively promote recruitment of female postdocs, female group leaders and female researchers in general.
  • We will provide child care during CRC/IRTG-events if child care is not covered otherwise;
  • Local events will preferably be held during common childcare facility opening hours and annual conventions, summer schools and other Research Training Group specific scientific conferences will preferably be organized outside of local school vacation periods;
  • Maximal flexibility of working hours for CRC members with family obligations will be offered;
  • Possibilities and infrastructure to do work from home will be structurally and, if needed also financially, supported in order to reduce conflicts with child care;
  • Opportunity for parents to bring their child to work when there are unexpected problems with the normal child care. In this case the CRC offers a special mobile piece of furniture (the so-called KidsBox), which enables parents to create a small play-room for kids nearby their office desk.
  • Opportunities for extended financing and support by student assistants (especially in the candidate’s laboratories) are available and are encouraged during pregnancy, breastfeeding and family-related part-time work to reduce the burden of routine work;
  • Promotion of individual childcare, whereby only measures can be financed which are outside the local opening hours of the day-care centres and where the parents cannot be reached for project-specific reasons or in case of illness;
  • Emergency family care fund for CRC members will be established;
  • Travel allowances for researchers with children under 3 years who need to take their child and a caretaker to a conference;
  • Financing holiday care for children up to 12 years, when regular care is not available.

All members of the CRC can make use of equal opportunities’ funds after application to the Board in advance. Application shall be sent to the Scientific co-ordinator and have to be accepted by the Board prior to starting.

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