Graduate School of the SFB1423

The goal of this Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG) is a training program that comprehensively addresses all aspects of current GPCR research. This profile will qualify graduates for an independent career in various acdemic and industrial areas. The doctoral researchers are expected to spend about 5-10% of their time on qualification, which is mainly covered by this program. A comprehensive qualification program will be established comprising four sections: scientific modules, annual summer schools, international laboratory rotations, and professional skills workshops. The SFB1423 depends on interdisciplinary collaboration of the project leaders. That also applies to the research projects of the doctoral researchers. Therefore, each doctoral researcher will be co-supervised by at least two advisors.

Upcoming Events 

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Aims: Teach theoretical and practical aspects of integrating EPR
spectroscopy with computational modelling to study membrane protein structure, dynamics, and function.

all information can be found here

online, 9am-3:30 pm

The workshop will cover the following topics:
• Planning and goal setting: Why is it so important to set smart goals? How do you plan your
time efficiently? Why do long-term plans often not work, but it still makes sense to have them? And
how can you turn a long-term plan into structured action in everyday life?
• The writing process: How can writing the dissertation or the individual publications be tackled
early enough? How can you structure your writing process? How can you overcome writer’s blocks?
• Motivation and procrastination: Where to get the motivation to finish? What demotivates and
blocks you? What solutions are there to deal with motivation blocks and procrastination?
• Unclear expectations: What do you yourself and what do your supervisors expect from the
dissertation? How can expectations be clarified and communicated?
• Planning and preparing your next steps: What are your next tasks and steps and what do
you need to complete them successfully?

all information can be found here

Prof. Norbert Sträter will teach this module.

More information will follow soon

more information will follow soon

Online workshop, full day

12 places available. Please write an email to Juliane if you want to participate.


The workshop focuses on the consolidation and enhancement of stress resistance in professional life. The long term goal is to develop individual strategies for everyday life which enable participants to an independent and self – sufficient perseverance of their mental health and resilience.

 What are your stress triggers?How does stress affect your body, your thoughts and your behavior?In what ways can you manage yourself in a mindful way and therefore become not only less stressed but also more efficient?

 Together we will find answers to these questions and develop effective mechanisms to reduce stress in everyday life

 Based on the conclusions to individual stress triggers and reactions, participants progress to pursue further techniques to include in their repertoire to sustainably strengthen their resources. Through guided exercises, participants learn to …

  •  … formulate their own needs.
  • … consciously recognize their own thoughts and stress enhancers and develop less self-condemning thought patterns.
  • … adapt their behavior patterns and form more health-promoting.


  • group work and discussion
  • training
  • reflection
  • impartion of knowledge



An exact date and more information will follow soon

4 PM

The meeting will be held online via Big Blue Button.

Pauline will give a talk about her research

@Kloster Nimbschen


Manuel will give a talk about his research

4 PM

The meeting will be held online via Big Blue Button.

Marcel will give a talk about his research

4 PM

The meeting will be held online via Big Blue Button.

Aenne will give a talk about her research

4 PM

The meeting will be held online via Big Blue Button.

Antonio will give a talk about his research

Juliane will give a summary of 2023 and an outlook for 2024


PhD Meetings

One of the tasks of the graduate school is to establish a good network between the post-scientists involved in SFB1423. To this end, monthly meetings are held for doctoral students to present and discuss their own research topics.

Juliane – PhD Regulations

Juliane – Outlook 2023

Feedbackround for posters for the 4GPCRnet conference

Victoria Groß (C04) gave a talk about her research

Juliane – Updates on program

Feedbackround for posters for the upcoming Retreat

Juliane gave an outlook of the upcoming programme of the Graduate School

Franziska Wiechert gave a talk about her work

Robin Schick (A06, AG Sträter) “Investigating the GPS cleavage of dCIRL”

Friederike Höpfner and Nina Reininghaus gave a talk about their research

Anne Borman gave a talk about her research

David Speck will give a talk about his research.

Florian Seufert gave a talk.

Farewell to 2020

Mareike Hemberger (Langenhan Group B06) will give an overview of her current work. Anett Albrecht will give a short insight in “Lab book guidelines & handling of research data” (30min). 

Victoria Most (A07, AG Meiler) “Tackling the challenge of modeling long loops with irregular tertiary structure”

The second online PhD-Meeting will take place on Tuesday, June 23 at 3 PM.