4GPCRnet – International Symposium
SEPTEMBER 26-29, 2022 (Leipzig, Germany)                                                                    

4GPCRnet meeting bringing together four of the biggest GPCR networks in Europe for a joint meeting in Leipzig.

Four of the biggest European networks on GPCR research (COST Actions Adher’n Rise and ERNEST plus DFG-funded SFB1423 and FOR2372) had joined forces to organized the international meeting 4GPCRnet, which tokes place from 26th-29th September 2022 in the beautiful city of Leipzig in Germany.

We aim to connect renowned international experts of the field with early career ‘rising stars’. The event will take place in the heart of Leipzig, which offers a colorful mixture of culture and vivid social life.


Dear colleagues, dear friends,

It was our great pleasure to host you all in Leipzig for the 4GPCRnet Symposium.

Weeks have past since the event took place, but the great science, exciting discussions, and long-awaited rekindling of many friendships remain! We would like to thank you all for participating and contributing your excellent science and enthusiasm. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, especially from our young scientists, many of whom got to experience their first face-to-face conference in Leipzig.

We trust you all returned home safe and healthy, and we look forward to meeting you again in the near future – wherever in the world that may be!

As a memento of our fun and inspiring times in Leipzig, please have a look at the folder with the following link: https://4gpcrnet.de/gallery.

All the best,
and on behalf of the organizing team,

Prof. Dr. Annette Beck-Sickinger


Download Program

Finale Program of the 4GPCRnet Meeting 2022.

Download Press Release

Official Press Release of the 4GPCRnet Meeting 2022.


M Madan Babu (St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, USA) >>
Meritxell Canals Buj (The University of Nottingham, UK) >>
Andy Chevigné (Luxembourg Institute of Health, LU) >>
I Sadaf Farooqi (University of Cambridge, UK) >>
Michael Freissmuth (Medical University Wien, A) >>
Heidi Hamm (Vanderbilt University, USA) >>
Adriaan Ijzerman (Leiden University, NE) >> 
Brian Kobilka (Stanford University, USA) >>
Mickey Kosloff (University of Haifa, IL) >>
Josef Lazar (Czech Academy of Sciences, CZ) >>
Kelly R Monk (Oregon Health & Science University, USA) >>
Katarina Nikolić (Belgrade University, RS) >>
Mette Rosenkilde (University of Copenhagen, DK) >>
Bryan L Roth (University of North Carolina, USA) >>
Gunnar Schulte (Karolinska Institutet, SE) >>
Elena Seiradake (University of Oxford, UK) >>
Arun K Shukla (Indian Institute of Technology, IND) >>
Thomas C Südhof (Stanford University, USA) >>
Jin-Peng Sun (Shandong University, CHN) >>
Roger K Sunahara (University of California San Diego, USA) >>
Christopher G Tate (MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, UK) >>
Nina Wettschureck (Max Planck Institute for Heart/Lung Research, DE) >>
Denise Wootten (Monash University, AUS) >>
Beili Wu (Chinese Academy of Sciences, CHN) >>
Mark van Zastrow (University of California, USA) >>


Annette G. Beck-Sickinger
Leipzig University, Spokesperson of the SFB1423

Andreas Bock
Leipzig University and Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine, Grant Holder of CA18133 ERNEST

Evi Kostenis
University of Bonn, Spokesperson of the FOR2372

Ines Liebscher
Leipzig University, Grant Holder of CA18240 Adher’n Rise

Simone Prömel
Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf, Chair of CA18240 Adher’n Rise

Martha Sommer
ISAR Bioscience, Chair of CA18133 ERNEST

Main Topic

  • Modulation of GPCR Signal Transduction
  • Holistic Concepts in GPCR Signal Transduction
  • Adhesion GPCRs: from Structure to Function / Physiology
  • GPCR Signal Transduction in Physiology and Disease
  • Computational Design and GPCR Therapeutics
  • Molecular Structure and Dynamics of GPCRs


  • Opening Ceremony
  • Keynote Lectures by Nobel Prize Awardees’ Brian Kobilka und Thomas Südhof
  • GPCRs on the Spot: Top-class scientists of the GPCR field
  • GPCR Science Networking: 36 Talks in six Sessions, Round Table discussions during 4 Poster Sessions, Industrial Exhibition
  • GPCR Executive Committees Meetings: Hearings and Reports of the Bodies of the Consortia
  • Early Career Investigators Session: GPCR Flash Talks by ECI
  • GPCRs at Night: Night Tour and Dinner at Zoo Leipzig

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Leipzig University
Campus Augustusplatz
04103 Leipzig, Germany


Leipzig University
Campus Augustusplatz
04103 Leipzig, Germany

Coordinator Leipzig University
Anett Albrecht
+49 341 97 36902

Local Organzier
event lab GmbH
Susanne Jansen / Katja Schmidt

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