Project Z04-INF – Data management and computational models of structure and dynamics, and evolution of GPCRs

Z04-INF will support the CRC by providing a comprehensive computational analysis of the receptors and their interacting partners, and will also cover the necessary aspects of data management. In an iterative loop, we will build computational models consistent with experimental data, combining Rosetta modeling, molecular dynamics simulation, allosteric network analysis, and evolutionary analysis. From these models, we will derive testable hypothesis for the next iteration of experimental validation in the respective projects. In addition, a dedicated INF component will be added, focusing on metadata collection and the creation of a non-invasive platform for data exchange.


Prof. Dr. Peter Stadler (Project Leader)

Leipzig University, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
Institute of Computer Science
Härtelstraße 16 – 18, D-04107 Leipzig

Phone +49 341 97 16690

Franziska Reinhardt (PhD Student)

Leipzig University, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
Institute of Computer Science
Härtelstraße 16 – 18, D-04107 Leipzig


We focus on: 

  1. Structural intermediates, complexes
  2. Combining MD simulations with evolutionary analysis
  3. Performing MD simulations of the membrane-embedded proteins
  4. Usage of paramagnetic restranst in structre determination


  • computational models
  • MD Simulations: Classical Molecular Dynamics, QM/MM, QMD, DFT, Enhanced Sampling, AMBER, Gromacs, VMD
  • evolutionary analysis


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