25th STS Meeting: Registration & Abstract Submission

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As in previous years, the 25th STS Meeting will be organized as a Joint Meeting of the Signal Transduction Society with signaling study groups of the German Societies for Immunology (DGfI) and Cell Biology (DGZ), the Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (GBM), the German Society for Pharmacology (DGP), and the Collaborative Research Center “Structural Dynamics of GPCR Activation and Signaling” (SFB1423). If other organizations are interested in joining future STS Meetings, please contact the STS President Prof. Dr. Klaudia Giehl.

Planned Workshops:

  • Hot Topics in Signal Transduction
  • Differentiation, Stress, and Death
  • GPCR-Mediated Signaling
  • Immune Cell Signaling
  • Infection and Inflammation
  • Tumor Cell Biology

Within our Special Workshop: GPCR-Mediated Signaling the following SFB1423 Project Leader will present at the STS Meeting on November 2 starting at 7:30PM: 

Adhesion GPCRs – Structure and Function in Physiology and Disease
Tobias Langenhan (Leipzig University (DE))

C. elegans as model organism for GPCR research – from Molecular Signatures towards Biased Signaling in vivo
Anette Kaiser (Leipzig University (DE))

Structural Mechanism of receptor catalyzed G Protein Activation
Peter Hildebrand (Leipzig University (DE))

G Protein-Coupled Receptors: From Structure to Cell Specific Drug Targeting
Annette Beck-Sickinger (Leipzig University (DE))

For Registration and further Program information please check the conference website:  >> https://sigtrans.de/meeting-2022