Scientific Module I June 6-9, 2023 I 9-12 PM

You are currently viewing Scientific Module I June 6-9, 2023 I 9-12 PM

The scientific module MKF / SFB1423 Module Integration of Experimental Data with Artificial Intelligence for the Investigation of Membrane Proteins” aimed for PhD students, postdocs and interested students will take place from 9 – 12 AM from June 5-8. Besides the theoretical basics for the investigation of membrane structures by NMR and EPR, the seminar will focus on integrative AI-mediated analysis, an innovative approach.

Prof. Hassane Mchaourab (Vanderbilt University, Center for Structural Biology)
Prof. Dr. Erkan Karakas (Vanderbilt University, Center for Structural Biology)
Dr. Matthias Elgeti (Leipzig University, Faculty of Medicine)
Prof. Jens Meiler (Leipzig University, Faculty of Medicine )

June 5 – Lecture 1: Theoretical Basis of Protein Structure Prediction with Artificial Intelligence
June 6 – Lecture 2: Experimental aspects of studying membrane protein structures
June 7 – Lecture 3: EPR Technologies for studying membrane protein Structure
June 8 – Lecture 4: Integrating EPR Data with Artificial Intelligence to study Membrane Proteins

PhD students of the CRC
(there will be a waiting list for external PhD students)

Leipzig University, Faculty of Medicine
Härtelstraße 16-18, Raum 018
04103 Leipzig
and for Vanderbilt students online via zoom (link will follow soon)